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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The carpal tunnel syndrome series is about repetition, positive and negative, both the liberty it gives the mind to wander and the circular thinking it can bring on. It started as an exercise and took on a whole new life.


It all started with a repeated and repeatable action— the faces were all drawn consecutively over a short period of time.  One face, drawn freehand in charcoal, over and over. 


At the outset, I was clear headed.  The drawings were getting better, more precise, but the repetition had become dull. Dullness drove me to boredom and boredom turned to pain—a click in my wrist was one of the casualties of doing the same thing, over and over and over.  For mind and wrist, I knocked out portions of the drawings, scrawled over faces—anything to break out of the monotony. In the end the pieces and the series gave way to something else, some other impulse.


The doilies hover over the faces—a thought bubble, a bit of evidence, an instance of another repetitive act that made more beautiful things. I have my clicking wrist and the series as evidence and instance. The series is a string on a finger more than anything else—a reminder of that daily repetitive rut we forget is there even while we’re in it. Carpal tunnel was my method and its result.

Part 1 - 2010

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Part 2 - 2012